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All full facials include, cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction, luxurious massage, and a treatment mask. A soothing arm and hand massage complete the process.

Fountain of Youth Facial  145
Luxury & time reversing all in one treatment. Plump fine lines & wrinkles, tighten skin & improve pore texture. This multi-step facial includes a deep exfoliation, customized serums & powerful peptides, nourishing creams,  firming mask, and a hand and foot massage. (100 minutes)   
Glowing Signature Facial 110
This customized facial will maintain a healthy skin and address any skin concern, dry, sensitive, oily, undernourished, skin in need of deep cleaning or brightening.  Includes exfoliation with peels, enzymes or gommage, serums, creams, massage and a mask specifically selected to bring out the glow in your skin (90min)
Sacred Nature Facial 110 
Organic anti-aging, nourishing and DNA protective treatment with products which have been formulated according to ecocert® guidelines. Detoxifies, nourishes and protects the skin in a pleasant and embracing ritual. (90 min)
Not suitable for oily congested skin types

Teen Facials
(for clients under the age of 18)
Basic Teen Facial 65 (55min)
Acne Correcting Teen Facial 90 (75min)

~Add on Services~

add to any facial

Eye Treatment  25

Foot & lower leg Massage 25

Express Treatments 65 

Basic or Enzyme
includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage and mask. Extractions are not included with this service (35 min)

Cleansing Express Facial 85
Includes cleansing, steam, extractions and mask. This treatment does not include facial massage (60 min)


Micro- Current
Micro-current is an anti-aging technology that uses very low current electricity to rejuvenate facial muscles, increase cellular activity, improve skin tone and texture, and increase blood and lymphatic circulation.  

 A completely non-invasive treatment. This technology targets areas that commonly lose their muscle tone and elasticity with age. The micro-current flows with our body’s own natural processes to re-energize cellular activity in the facial muscles, boosts collagen and elastin and brings natural plumpness and radiance back to the skin while easing fine lines and eye wrinkles and tightening the jaw-line and cheekbones. Combining micro current, light therapy and peels with give the most effective anti aging treatment

Microcurrent Facial includes peel   155
Microcurrent Facial with Light  185
Microcurrent Treatment   85
Microcurrent with Light Treatment  120 
A seres of 6-8 Micro-current treatments is recommeded followed by maintenance treatments 

~Revitalight  Photo Therapy~

  A LED light therapy, helps diminish the appearance of  fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Skin appears more radiant, plump and smooth.

Face $65
Face, Neck add Décolleté  125

Face w/lactic peel  85

Face w/Microdermabrasion  135
Light Therapy Facial  135 (includes Peel)

Blue light purifying Treatment
This effective acne treatment works by converting the pores into a toxic environment for the bacteria that cause acne. The treatment is painless and requires no recovery time.
*For the most effective results a Series of 8 to 12 treatments
twice a week is recommended

Face 65
Face w/Glycolic peel  85
Blue light Facial 135
Spot Treatment Ad On to Any facial  25


A gentle system that refines your skins youthful vitality and natural beauty without harsh chemicals, surgery or lasers. A special highly powered hand piece  passes crystals over the surface of the skin removing dead skin cells to achieve a buffing out of  skin irregularities while stimulating the production of new skin cells  and collagen.

Face 85

Face & Neck   105

Face, Neck & Décolleté 140

Add Calming Modeling Mask 25

Microdermabrasion with facial 145
add  Revitalight    195

*We recommend a series of 6-8 treatments of  Revitalight or Microdermabrasion for the most dramatic results

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